USPAK Foundation would like to thank you for participating in the 2nd Annual Youth Conference. In order to meet your future needs, we would like to hear from you, so that necessary improvements can be made to our events. Please fill and submit this online survey. Your response will remain anonymous. This survey must be filled by the person who attended the conference.

Complete the survey before 22nd Nov 2011. Submit this survey once only.

For any other comments about the conference or survey call 202 505 4PAK or email


1. How did you hear about this conference (check all that apply)

2. What attracted you to this conference (check all that apply)

      Were your expectations met
  Yes No Yes No

3. Material provided prior to the conference answered most of my questions about (check all that apply)

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4. Describe the Peak (best part) or Pit (worst part) of the three day conference?


5. 2nd Annual Youth Conference was (check all that apply)

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To help us improve next year conference, please rate this year panel discussions, tutorials, and guest speeches
(please check conference program for more information)

6. Rank Conference Panel discussions 1 thru 9, with 1 being the most liked, and 9 being the least liked?


7. Rank Conference Tutorials 1 thru 4, with 1 being the most liked, and 4 being the least liked?


8. What should be the duration of next year conference?

9. Would you attend the conference next year? (If No then you may skip remaining questions)


10. Who would you like to hear or meet at next year conference? (check all that apply)

  Yes    No Suggest Name

11. Would you be interested in leading a session next year? What topic would you present on?


12. Would you be interested in volunteering for next year conference

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General Comments

Thank you for your time

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